The members of Write, Woman, Write are hungry for content, ideas, support and advice from other women who have achieved the dream they’re pursuing. The community-building aspect of this site isn’t limited to the members. In fact, of equal importance to me is to raise the profile of authors, writing coaches, workshop facilitators, online course providers and others who support the development of new authors.

In return for sharing your wisdom and experience, you can promote your books, and your products and services for writers. I think it’s a win-win for everyone and I’m open to new ways to partner with authors. So let me know if you have an idea.


Our community has writers from every age group — a few teenagers, lots of working-age women, and many who would be retired had the ‘Freedom 55’ ads lived up to their promise.

We target women who are 40 and older, who have had ‘Write a book’ on their vision board or bucket list for at least a few years, since they’re motivated to finally commit to achieving and investing in this goal.

Our visitors and members are from around the globe with a majority coming from the United States and Canada. They are at every stage of the book-writing journey — from ideas scattered through journals and files, to partially-completed manuscripts, to manuscripts in-need of an editor, an agent, a publisher…

Members are as diverse as the stories they tell. The one thing they share is the desire to finally get their stories into the world.


The Write, Woman, Write focus is to empower our members with content on how to overcome fears, lack of confidence and other emotional or psychological blocks that have been holding them back from achieving their dream of writing a book.

In terms of content focus, we have nine overlapping areas where we help women to Rev Up Their Writing:


  • Commitment
  • Community
  • Confidence
  • Courage to share
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Research
  • Voice


from writers who’ve made the journey to publication

Send us a postcard (aka, a blog post) of 400 to 1,000 words. Keep it informal. Include some things you learned along your journey to publication (traditional or self) that could help a writer move a few steps closer to her own book-in-hand.

We’ll share links to up to five of your web assets. The most common are Amazon, Goodreads, the author’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. But the five links you choose are entirely up to you.

Postcards are available to anyone who visits the site (membership is not required). See who’s sent us mail.


Video conversations with published authors

You and Donna Barker have a conversation about an aspect of writing that inspires you. The target length is 20 minutes but most conversations go long…funny that…authors have such interesting stories!

You get a full page on the site with your video, the transcript as a downloadable PDF, and links to all of the resources you mention in our conversation — including your own web assets, courses, books, etc., of course!

The videos are available to everyone (here and on YouTube). Your personal page with the transcript and resource list is only available to members.

Here’s the main Revved Up Authors Q+A page. And here’s an example of what each author’s page looks like.


In-depth e-courses with interactive handouts

Share your expertise with women who have financially invested in their goal to write a book and will be looking for more opportunities to learn as they increase their confidence and skills.

Each Masterclass is formatted as a set of five to eight modules that run no more than five minutes each and have one, specific action per module that can be undertaken in about 30 minutes. Our preference is to have you share the information on-camera rather than in slides, although a mix would be fine. Seeing your face is more engaging and gives learners more opportunity to get to know you, like you, trust you (and Write, Woman, Write)!

We’ll brand the Masterclass videos with the Write, Woman, Write intro and outro theme graphics and music. We’ll also design your worksheets to create a beautiful Masterclass package. These Masterclasses are an educational tool, not a sales tool, but, you’re encouraged to reference your own courses and trainings, and direct members to your website, in the final module and, as appropriate throughout your course (for instance, to see a case study or example).

The full Masterclasses are only available to paid members of the site, but the first module will be available on the main Write, Woman, Write website.


Motivational vignettes from published authors

This feature is a way for writers to get to know your author’s story. Did you write your first novel at ten years old? In high school, did you ‘know’ that one day you’d write a book? Or did you decide it was something you had to do when you turned 40? Or 50? Was your own journey an easy one or was it fraught with breakdowns and wrong-turns? How many agents and publishers rejected your first manuscript? What was it like to read your first bad review?

You provide encouragement, inspiration and a laugh, hopefully, through the telling of your own story. Members get to know you, develop a connection and take inspiration from your words.

We have a list of questions you can choose from to create your vignette. We’re also very happy for you to suggest your own question if you have a story that absolutely must be told but doesn’t fit any of our leads.

The How She Wrote It posts are available to all visitors. Take a look at the small, but growing library of stories to see how they’re presented. If you’d like to contribute your own How She Wrote It post, contact Donna and she’ll give you access to the password-protected question page.


A resource for women who are really ready to rev up their writing

You decide what kind of coaching you’re willing to provide. You set your rates. You decide how many members you can work with. And, you provide a bonus of your choosing to members who sign-up for coaching with you through Write, Woman, Write. This could be an ebook, a planning template, a free 15-minute consultation…

You get your own coaching page on the site. We take a one-time commission based on your hourly rate, of between $25 and $50, for each new client you get through us.

Preference is given to authors who have presented a Masterclass, since the members will know you, like you, and trust you more than an anonymous name and face.

Coaching is only available to members, but both the main coaching page and your individual coach’s page can be seen by anyone visiting the site.


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