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Book On Fire!  

Plan your book in 21 minutes-a-day for 21 days

The details for this Beta Course with Coaching

  • When does it run? Monday, November 27 through Sunday, December 17, 2017
  • What is the cost? Nothing — except your feedback
  • Why should I apply? To create a fail-proof plan to get that book you've been thinking about, and talking about, written.
  • When do I need to apply by? Monday, November 20 @ 1PM Pacific.
  • When will you let me know if I was selected? Thursday, November 23

Application deadline is in


Proven strategies from a career ghost-writer

"You know you've got a book in you! And you absolutely want to get this book written.  

It's just that, it's a really big project and it's so easy to be pulled off-task when you can't see the finish line. 

It's time to give yourself the tools that will help you accomplish this potentially life-changing goal of becoming a published author."

Donna Barker - Write, Woman, Write and The Creative Academy

In this 21-day program, you'll learn:

  • Your own, most important reason for writing your book
  • What's really been stopping you — sad to tell you, it's probably not lack of time
  • What your own writer's manifesto is
  • How to draw motivation from your future readers
  • How to set your writing priorities so you can overcome overwhelm
  • How to tie your writing goal to other big achievements you've made in life
  • What your own, personal 'fresh start' date is
  • What your own, personal 'book on fire' completion date is
  • 5 absolute, must-do actions to stay on-track 

By the end of our 21 days together, you will have what you need, in place, to start calling yourself an author before the end of 2017! (Because you are an author as soon as you commit to finishing your book).

How this will happen

  • Week 1 — you'll figure out the real reason that writing this book is so important to you — which will help you to make it a priority
  • Week 2 — you'll look backwards and forward to figure out your own, 'book on fire' date by which you'll get that book written
  • Week 3 — you'll create a concrete plan, with built-in accountabiliy, to connect your writing goal to your completion date 
  • Weeks 1, 2 & 3 — you'll be invited to join live, video-based, group coaching calls. If you can't make it, they'll be recorded for you.
  • Every day — you'll have access to our active, private, beta tester Facebook group where you'll find support and accountability — and likely make new writer friends

 Your commitment as a beta tester 

  • To remain in the program you must provide feedback on each of the 15 lessons. If selected, you will be receiving a high-touch program for no money. Your "payment" is your opinion! If you stop completing lessons and giving feedback, you'll be removed from the beta program, sadly. 

WARNING: Space in this beta program is limited to 100 participants. Don't wait until the last minute to apply if writing your book is a goal you are 100% ready to accomplish.