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Your heroine has just won $100,000. The catch is that she has to spend it all in 24 hours. Describe the day she spends that money.

  • a bullet
  • a bullet
  • maybe another

Call to action and maybe a sample

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What did she say?

This prompt was inspired by a blog post written by Susan Wingate several weeks ago called Lexiconimography. In that post she shares a short list of a few unusual words she’s saved from the daily emails she gets from Dictionary.com. I clicked over to see what the word of the day was and found myself wondering how one of my characters might use the word ‘nodus.’ Then I wondered how I could use the word ‘limacine’ in a conversation with my husband without being rude!


  • Visit Dictionary.com and take a look at the most recent ‘Word of the Day’ entries.
  • Pick one word that one of your characters might use — or would never use! — and add it to a line of their dialogue.
  • How does the other character react to the use of this unusual word? See where the conversation goes now!

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Mash-up genre

Think of two entirely different, and if possible, conflicting genres. Now think of a title that would suit your mash-up genre.

For instance:

  • Business + Science fiction = The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Extraterrestrials
  • Hobby + Psychology = Deco Designs for the Serial Killer Mind
  • Travel guide + Murder mystery = Best Places to Murder on the Orient Express

Now write a one or two sentence log-line for the story.

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Third person bio

This week you’re writing a short (maximum 50-words), 3rd person bio to include in your Write, Woman, Write profile. Of course, you can use this bio anywhere you’d like — I am not the boss of you!


  • one personal fact about yourself that is connected to what you write about or your genre,
  • one writing accomplishment, and
  • a line about where people can find your writing.

For instance, I could write:

Although the men in her stories might raise an eyebrow, Donna Barker is a happily married, career technical writer who spends her evenings concocting horrific ways for her heroines to get out of lousy relationships. Get a glimpse inside her worlds — both real and imagined — at DonnaBarker.com. (47 words)


It took Donna Barker six months to write her second novel and two years to pluck up the courage to share it — and only because she was about to turn 50. Three weeks later, she figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. Find out at WriteWomanWrite.com. (50 words)

Over to you! Share your bios below so we can get to know each other just a little better.

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Back cover blurb

Don’t be fooled by how short the prompt is.

Many authors spend hours — days — writing their back cover blurb, only to throw their hands in the air (still attached to their arms in all of the cases I know of) and say, “Ugh. I hate it! But I have to be done with this. My designed needs it yesterday.”

Regardless of how far along you are with your book, this is a valuable exercise. It’s copy you can use to pitch to beta readers and in cover letters to agents. And the earlier you start working on your back cover blurb, the more drafts you’ll be able write before you need that final version!

  • Write the back cover blurb for your book in no more than 125 words.

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Character dating profile

A super short one this week.

  • Describe your protagonist or your story’s narrator in the form of a dating profile of no more than 150 words.

Post the profile in the comments below. Let’s see if any of our protagonist’s have a spark!

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