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You are a writer.
You love putting pen to paper or fingers to keys.
You’ve been dabbling with words, but haven’t finished what you set off wanting to do.
What’s stopping you from writing what you’ve been dreaming of doing?

Whether you want to write short stories, screenplays or get that novel written, the biggest burden we all face is time. It’s an issue for many of us, but if you can carve out a half-hour a day, you are that much closer to getting that project completed.

Make no excuses. Find a coffee shop, your front porch, kitchen table or sit in your car as you wait for your children to get out of school. Whichever the place, decide on a location — a comfortable, non-distracting place to extract your emotions.

No matter what kind of writer you are, it’s important to have a goal. Figure out what you want to write and follow the steps to get there. Whether it’s a journal entry, an article for a publication or short story, write what you desire. Once it’s on the page, you can take steps to edit it for print.

Like following a workout regime or creating a new eating plan, you need to have a schedule in place. Once you develop a habit, it will come naturally for you to plug in that time.

Reaching your weekly goals will take you one step closer to achieving your big goal.

It took me years to publish traditionally, but looking back, I reached my goals because I took the time to learn, practice and communicate with writing professionals. I was, and still am a sponge for learning the craft. I thrive on meeting other writers and socializing at conferences.

Writing is a solitary profession and meeting others who have the same goals and aspirations, will challenge you and push you to the next level. I encourage you to join writers groups and associate with people who are reaching for the same dream.

Also, write what you want to read and write because it makes you happy.
I wrote my first novel, His Game, Her Rules because it was a book I wanted to read. The heroine is a professional athlete who is challenged by the opposite sex.
I believed in my story and was hopeful someone else would love it, too.

Whatever your writing muse, continue to dabble on those pages and most of all, enjoy it. Because ultimately, that’s why you’re doing it, right?


I am the author of the Warriors’ hockey romance series. I write about sexy heroes who play overtime with the women they love. I live on the West Coast of British Columbia with my husband and three children. I’m dependent on coffee, love playing ice hockey and enjoy the outdoors.

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