Over 80% of people say they want to write a book. Fewer than one in a hundred actually do. Who are the people who achieve that dream, reach that destination of calling themselves an author? They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to stop and ask for directions! And they’re the women who have a co-driver on the trip. Truly.

Although your actual writing may be a solitary act, being a writer is so much easier when you’re in a community; when you have someone with you to point out landmarks, help you refuel, and keep you focused when the road starts to feel like one long, dark night!

The members of the Write, Woman, Write community are your co-drivers on this writing road trip.

Since we’re still building the community, our Facebook group is serving as the Revved Up Writers Club waitlist. Joining the group gives you access to members-only content until the doors open.

You’ll also find out when new content to help you keep moving forward on your writer’s journey, is posted at Write, Woman, Write. We’ll have more postcards from women who’ve achieved the goal, worksheets to help you rev up your confidence, courage and commitment, links to support resources I think are great… lots of things!

So join the Write, Woman, Write community today, rev up your writing, and get that book out of your heart and into your hands.

If you don’t love the support you find here on the site and in the Facebook group, you can always give us a goodbye hug and head back out on the road without us.

Of course, we’d love to be there with you, supporting you and getting support from you. Because believe it or not, even if you’re at the beginning of your writing adventure you have tons to share with other women who are on the same trip.

So, check out what we have for you in the Visitor Center.

And if you have any questions at all, send me a note. I’ll answer you personally.

Until we meet – Write, Woman, Write!


What we’re working on for you

Each week, a writer who’s made the journey to publication will send us a Postcard sharing her tips to help you reach that destination, too.

Every month we’ll post at least one new video conversation with a published author. We cover subjects as diverse as using Feng Shui to make your writing space more productive to tips to help you face the dreaded blank page to using research to strengthen your story.

Each month we launch a new “Rev Up Your…” course to help you move from figuring out how to make commit to actually write, all the way through to sharing your work with beta readers. The first two courses are available at The Creative Academy. Email me for information about how to get free access in exchange for providing feedback on your experience using the course(s)!

The courses are self-directed, but you won’t be left alone when you get stuck. We’ll be there to lovingly motivate you to push though your blocks and get moving again!

How? Glad you wondered…

As an author and entrepreneur, I love what I can learn from other women who are on the same path as I am. We have two ways to meet other Write, Woman, Write members:

Through our own private, Write, Woman, Write Facebook group. Here you can share your success stories (your “AttaGirl!” moments), ask questions, let us know about other writing resources you’ve found that have helped you, and so on.

Inside the Write, Woman, Write PLUS member area. Once we launch, this is where you can reach out to other members privately, knowing who is most likely to be able to help you, who might be interested in reading a draft of your manuscript, or might otherwise be interested in being part of your support team.

Accountability… we all need someone to hold our feet to the fire from time-to-time. Someone to tell us that we can get that challenging chapter written; that we are ready to share pages we’ve been sitting on, fretting about; that we will finish this work-in-progress! Your Accountability Partner will be dedicated to encouraging you to reach your writing goals — and you’ll do the same for her.

If you’re interested in finding an accountability partner within the Write, Woman, Write community you can start by asking in the Facebook group or by letting me know. I’m gathering names and would be happy to add your information to the list and to see if there’s already a match for you on the list! Use the contact form to connect with me.

Most writing experts say that if you’re going to succeed, you must write something every day. Well, as a woman who has achieved the goal of both being a professional writer and finally becoming a published author, I can assure you that writing every single day is not required to succeed.

But — having a writing schedule is hugely helpful. And, knowing that other writers will be writing at the same time that you are is incredibly motivating. That’s what the Daily Accelerator Challenge is about. You declare that you’ll be writing for 15 or 30 or even 60 minutes at a certain time on a particular day and other writers join you, which helps motivate you both to stay focused and get your words done.

At the end of the allotted, focussed writing time, you reconnect for a minute or two to let the others know how many words you wrote, or how many pages you revised, or how many rooms your dusted… just kidding!

Writing prompts work like a hot damn for many writers, which is why there are so many sites that share them. But honestly, I’ve never been one to find writing prompts helpful. Asking me to write anything that I can’t link back to my own work-in-progress doesn’t make me feel productive, it makes me feel like I’m procrastinating.

That’s why the Write, Woman, Write Weekly Writing Prompts are different.

These are short prompts that will help you focus on and write a few words, usually no more than 100, either about a specific element of your story to help you improve it (such as “Take a scene from your protagonist’s point of view and rewrite it from your antagonist’s point of view) or to work on your identity as a writer (such as “Using the model that follows, write your 100 word author bio).

Of course, you’ll be invited — encouraged, but not forced! — to share your writing with the rest of the community so we can cheer you on. Any opportunity to give an “AttaGirl!”, that’s my motto.

The rewards of entering contests — even contests we don’t win — are amazing.

It’s one of the best ways to build confidence in your writing, to give you the motivation to really polish a short piece of your work (which allows you see how freaking awesome your writing is once it’s been edited), and to feel like a ‘real’ writer (which you are, whether you enter contests or not!).

The Write, Woman, Write Monthly Writing Contest is only open to PLUS MEMBERS, so it’s not a contest that, if you win, will bring you international fame, but — the pages you submit will be read and commented on by at least one published author. This is like a free critique, which, in and of itself, is worth a lot more than the monthly membership fee.

I never would have achieved my dream of publishing a novel were it not for the support I received from other women who had travelled this crazy road themselves. Some of my coaches volunteered their expertise over tea or dim sum; others, I paid, since I knew what I needed at those times was more than just a pep talk or to be pointed toward the right resource.

When you reach one of those story milestones that makes you wish you could flag-down an expert opinion or some focused one-to-one time with a writing mentor, the Write, Woman, Write community of coaches is here for you. We’re launching with a small group of coaches but will have at least a dozen, with expertise in all the areas of moving from story-idea to book-in-hand, by December 2016.

So, are you ready to rev up your writing?

It’s easy. Join the waitlist and try us out for a few weeks. You can unsubscribe at anytime. It’s 100% risk-free. And I’m Canadian — you know, that annoyingly polite country — so I won’t even ask you why.

I look forward to getting to know you inside our wonderful community of supportive writers.


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