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7 films about female writers and authors

I've seen a good handful of films about writers. Some, I've really enjoyed, like Misery (based on the Stephen King novel) and Adaptation (with Nicholas Cage portraying the real-life writer, Charlie Kaufman), The Ghost Writer (Ewan McGregor...rawr!) and Barton Fink...

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9 books every aspiring author should read

If you're looking for books to give you inspiration — not correct your grammar or give you a bunch of "you should" rules — these are some of my favourite, and some of the most highly praised, books to keep you motivated with your own book-writing. The Artist's Way,...

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4 TED Talks every aspiring author should watch

If you've watched all of the Revved Up Authors video conversations and crave more words of wisdom from women who've driven the highway to publication, maybe a TED Talk is in order. They're pretty good :). Here are four that have struck and stuck with me — in a fully...

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