I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to join us! No matter where you are on your writing journey, like almost every published author, I was once where you are now. (Unless you were once on the New York Times bestseller list…I haven’t been there yet!)

My promise to you

The driving force behind this website is my deep desire to be helpful to women who have stories to share but struggle, like I did for so many years, to overcome the irrational fears and self-confidence blocks that keep us from standing in our light.

This is a positive space to ask for and receive support, to get honest, encouraging feedback, to share and celebrate your wins, and to connect with and learn from other women who are on the same journey.



Join the Facebook group

We have a private Facebook group which is where most of the conversations, sharing, support and cheering take place. If you’re not already a member of that group, ask to join here. If the name you used to Join Write, Woman, Write is different from the one you use on Facebook, please send a quick email to me to let me know so I know to approve you for the group.

If you’ve globally turned off all Facebook Group notifications, I encourage you to turn them on for Write, Woman, Write. Being reminded by a little email ‘ping’ that you could be working on your work-in-progress while you’re looking at posts on Facebook can be quite motivating! I create separate folders for each of the Facebook groups I belong to, so I can check-in on the activity when it’s convenient. And that way, I don’t miss the good stuff!

Introduce yourself

Once you’ve been accepted into the Write, Woman, Write Facebook group, please introduce yourself. Let us know where you are on your writing journey, what you write (or plan to write), where you live… and anything else that will help us get to know you and be able to support you.

Complete your Write, Woman, Write profile

The more of your profile you complete, the easier it will be for other writers, who share common interests and goals, to find you. You can upload a photo of yourself, link to your website and your three favourite social media sites. You can also share the kind of writing you do, the authors, books, and movies you love… The member database is searchable and a great place to find accountability partners, beta readers and support of all kinds.

Just click your profile ‘picture’ — in the right sidebar under ‘Who’s Online?’ to access your profile page at any time.

Get an Accountability Partner

Writing can be a lonely hobby. And holding oneself accountable to deadlines that have no repercussions if we miss them… well, they tend to slide by too easily. But with an Accountability Partner you’ll have someone to gently—but firmly!—encourage you to write your words, share your drafts, ask for help, and generally keep moving in a forward direction toward finishing that book.

If you’re looking for a Critique Partner, mention that when you complete the form on this page.


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