Most writing experts say that if you’re going to succeed, you must write something every day. Well, as a woman who has achieved the goal of both being a professional writer and finally becoming a published author, I can assure you that writing every single day is not required to succeed.

But — having a writing schedule is hugely helpful. And, knowing that other writers will be writing at the same time that you are is incredibly motivating. That’s what the Daily Accelerator Challenge is about. You declare that you’ll be writing for 15 or 30 or even 60 minutes at a certain time on a particular day and other writers join you, which helps motivate you both to stay focused and get your words done.

At the end of the allotted, focused writing time, you reconnect for a minute or two to let the others know how many words you wrote, or how many pages you revised, or how many rooms you dusted… just kidding!

Head over to our private Facebook group and use the hashtag #Accelerator to let everyone know you’ll be starting a challenge so they can join you.

For instance, it’s 7:30 AM and you’ve decided to write for 30 minutes after you have breakfast so you post to the Facebook page something like:

Starting a 30 minute #Accelerator challenge at 8 AM. Hoping to write 250 words. Who’s with me?

And then at 8:30, you post again:

Success! I wrote 325 words during my #Accelerator challenge! Am going to do this again tomorrow morning, same time. Anyone care to join me?

Writers who can make that time post a response.



Give it a try.

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