Committing to work with a writing coach is a huge, a monumental, vote of confidence in yourself as a writer. Every published author I know — no exception — has worked with a coach at some point in the development of her first, second, third… book.

After I completed the fifth draft of my first manuscript I worked with a coach for three months to help me shape 110,000 words into … almost a proper novel! I learned a truck load with that coach, perhaps most importantly, to hire a coach earlier next time! So, before I even wrote ‘The End’ on my second novel, I hired a development editor to read and critique my draft. Best money I ever spent.

A coach can help you prioritize and reach your writing goals. A coach can help you revise your draft and make sure your story is solid in all ways before you invest hundreds of hours writing in directions that ultimately don’t serve your story. Coaches are cheerleaders. They’re law enforcement officers. They pick you up when you’re down and they push you out the door when you need motivation. Basically, a good writing coach is an angel!

Our roster of coaches have all had experience working with new writers. They have a variety of expertise and interests. Check out their individual pages to find someone who feels like a fit for your personality, writing style and needs.


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Donna Barker

Write, Woman, Write creator, award-winning women’s fiction author, career technical ghost-writer

Genre expertise: non-fiction
Strengths: identifying gaps in information, simplifying language
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Years experience as a technical writer

Hours of adult ed curriculum created

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