Coaching on Creative Process and Project Planning Strategies

Are you struggling to make time for your creativity?

And when you squeeze in some time, do you find yourself overwhelmed and daunted?

This is normal! All of us, especially women, have a critical voice inside of us, letting us know that we shouldn’t be wasting time, and that what we want to do has little value. Generations of women have been shackled by these deep inherited beliefs about where our power and purpose lie.

I am dedicated to identifying our Creativity Killers and creating Creativity Blossomers. I’ll help you define the shape of your larger dreams, the blocks in your way, and all the little steps and tricks that can get you revved up to pour words onto the page.

I’m a project manager, an author, an entrepreneur, a mom, a small business support consultant and most importantly, a passionate advocate for following the path with heart (without sacrificing the life balance you crave).


  • A BFA in Creative Writing from the Univerity of British Columbia
  • Winner of the Roy Daniel’s Scholarship for Creative Writing and the Norman L. Rothstein Memorial Scholarship for poetry
  • Owner of Word Glow Communications at
  • Published author of three novels with two publishing houses
  • Guest speaker and panelist at writer’s conferences in Canada and the US
  • Creative writing course instructor and guided meditation series facilitator


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