Contests are a great way to build confidence and overcome the fear that so many writers have of sharing our work.

Unlike most free contests which require entries belong to a certain genre or address a specific writing prompt, the Write, Woman, Write monthly contest is wide open! Your entry can be a short story, an excerpt from your work-in-progress, a blog post (not published)… it can be fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, memoir… as long as you wrote the words, your entry will be accepted.

The Write, Woman, Write monthly contest is free and easy to enter. And it’s only open to members of this community.


  • Submit your 500- to 2000-word entry using the contact form below.
  • Share your ‘AttaGirl!’ accomplishment of having entered the contest in the Facebook group so we can cheer you and your courage.
  • Wait. Patiently. The submissions will be read and ranked once we have either ten entries, or reach the end of the contest month, whichever comes first. (This is only during our start-up months. We hope to have a contest every single month very soon!).
  • Winners will be notified by email and in the Facebook group.
  • If you win, decide if you’re willing to share your submission on the Write, Woman, Write website. (We highly encourage sharing!)
  • If you win, figure out how to spend your $25 Amazon gift certificate!

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If you have experience as a beta reader or critique partner and would like to be a contest judge, either on an ongoing basis or for a specific month, send me a note and we can discuss the when’s and how’s. (Of course, you can’t enter and judge in the same month!)

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