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Ready to make your dream of writing a book an accomplishment?

Then it’s time for you to Rev up your Commitment!

It doesn’t matter what your dream is — to travel to far-away places, learn a second language, or write a book — the first step to succeeding is committing to that goal. That’s what this first Rev Up Your Writing road trip is all about.

I started writing my first manuscript in 2006, the year I turned forty. I was committed to getting that book written… for about six months. And then, in the third draft, the work got hard and I downgraded the way I spoke about my dream and my goal of writing a book, to ‘my side project.’

If writing a book has been a goal of yours for awhile, take the time to step back and do the exercises in the Rev Up Your Commitment Workbook even if you think you’ve ‘been there, done that.’ If you’re still struggling to achieve your goal, something is standing in your way and finding that block could mean the difference between having your name on a cover by the end of the year or perhaps never at all.

Check out what’s inside now. And make a true commitment to reach your writing goals!

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