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Resources for Self-Published & Hybrid Authors (1 of 3)

by Nicole Evelina

Many prospective self-published or hybrid authors are afraid to take the leap for fear they will be doing everything alone. Fear not! It only takes a little effort on your part to become part of the generous self-pub community — and the rewards are great.

How becoming a writer helped me ‘grow up’

By Sharon E. Anderson

I started to see that emotional distance is the first step in being able to receive and accept criticism on any level – from the lowly critique group, to an agent, to a publisher. I finally figured out that even though it can be painful, there is much to be gained by reading an informative rejection letter, or a poignant professional review.

Writers write. It’s that simple.

By Charlene Groome

It took me years to publish traditionally, but looking back, I reached my goals because I took the time to learn, practice and communicate with writing professionals. I was, and still am a sponge for learning the craft. I thrive on meeting other writers and socializing at conferences.

How a simple connection can spark a movement

By Shari Stauch

I’m as proud as any mother hen could be, but I can’t take the credit… It’s really all about that power that surges through women when we’re helping each other. Women supporting women isn’t just a concept; we are a FORCE… and one to be reckoned with!

The power of asking ‘What if…’

By Wendy Delaney

When I get together to brainstorm story ideas with other writers it’s only a matter of time until one of us says, “what if…”. I’ve heard some outlandishly brilliant suggestions that begin with those two words.

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