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Who’s afraid of the Big, Blank Page?

Sent by Angie Noll

Little Red Riding Hood might have been afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, but writers are often terrified of something far more innocuous… a simple piece of white paper (or blank screen) facing them.

How becoming a writer helped me ‘grow up’

By Sharon E. Anderson

I started to see that emotional distance is the first step in being able to receive and accept criticism on any level – from the lowly critique group, to an agent, to a publisher. I finally figured out that even though it can be painful, there is much to be gained by reading an informative rejection letter, or a poignant professional review.

How a simple connection can spark a movement

By Shari Stauch

I’m as proud as any mother hen could be, but I can’t take the credit… It’s really all about that power that surges through women when we’re helping each other. Women supporting women isn’t just a concept; we are a FORCE… and one to be reckoned with!

A crash course in fearless writing

By William Kenower

If you’ve ever written and actually enjoyed the experience, if you’ve ever allowed yourself to become lost in the dream of the story you are telling so much that you temporarily forget what time it is, then you have written fearlessly.

Finding your lost Picasso

By Kim Klein

The truth is we are all born creative beings; it is not just a luxury given to a chosen few. As children, we sing, paint, write poetry, make sculptures, sand castles, mud pies, and culinary treats from our Easy Bake ovens and we believe, without a doubt, that every one of these brilliant creations is worthy of gifting and display.

How to move from a discouraged to an empowered writer

By Michele Fogal

When I first got stuck as a writer, I tried all kinds of expert advice. Each time I would read a new Golden Rule, and not be able to make it work for me, I felt like a failure. It went something like this, “I’ll never be a real writer if I can’t XYZ the way Bestselling Author does it.”

A horrible warning to young(er) writers

By Jeanette Hubbard

I tell people that my first published book was a palate cleanser from the nasty thriller. I discovered that I am happier when I write funny. So here is advice number one: write what you enjoy. It may not be what you read all the time, but you must get pleasure out of your writing or you won’t do it.

The power of asking ‘What if…’

By Wendy Delaney

When I get together to brainstorm story ideas with other writers it’s only a matter of time until one of us says, “what if…”. I’ve heard some outlandishly brilliant suggestions that begin with those two words.

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