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This module will be developed soon


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Tips for writing good story endings

From Suzanne Lieurance

The perfect ending of a story is really important because it is often what people remember most. That’s because a good ending ties everything together and leaves the reader feeling satisfied. To write good story endings, keep these tips in mind.

Who’s afraid of the Big, Blank Page?

Sent by Angie Noll

Little Red Riding Hood might have been afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, but writers are often terrified of something far more innocuous… a simple piece of white paper (or blank screen) facing them.

A daring, creative adventure

By Wendy Dewar Hughes

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

This quote by Helen Keller essentially sums up life in the creative lane – stepping out of the normal lane of everyday life and making creative changes by doing things you would not ordinarily think of doing—or that present a creative challenge for you.

Resisting the Lure of a Shiny New Story

By Alexia Adams

Once you start to write, you’ll likely find story ideas flood your mind. A phrase, a photo, an overheard snippet of conversation, almost anything can spark our imagination. After all, that’s what make us writers in the first place. But these bright ideas can lead us down a dark path. If not carefully managed, all these wonderful plots can stop us from achieving our overriding goal—finishing a story through to ‘The End’.

Finding your lost Picasso

By Kim Klein

The truth is we are all born creative beings; it is not just a luxury given to a chosen few. As children, we sing, paint, write poetry, make sculptures, sand castles, mud pies, and culinary treats from our Easy Bake ovens and we believe, without a doubt, that every one of these brilliant creations is worthy of gifting and display.

The power of asking ‘What if…’

By Wendy Delaney

When I get together to brainstorm story ideas with other writers it’s only a matter of time until one of us says, “what if…”. I’ve heard some outlandishly brilliant suggestions that begin with those two words.

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