Nichola Meyer on the benefits of taking writers courses

In this Revved Up Author Q&A, guest interviewer Angie Noll discusses the value that taking courses can offer both novice and experienced writers. Her guest, Nichola Meyer is not only a published author, but also the Principal of the family of Writers Colleges in South Africa, New Zealand and the UK.


Nichola Meyer has written feature and cover articles for several leading magazines and is the Principal of Writers Colleges in three countries. Despite the location of these Writers Colleges, many of the course (but not all) would be relevant to writers located anywhere in the world. So check out the course offerings from the tutors who have the accent that brings you the most joy – or the country that has the best currency exchange rate!

New Zealand Writers College
UK Writers College
South Africa Writers College

Angie Noll writes for magazines such as, Merise, and Natural Medicine. She’s also an intuitive coach. Find Angie at:

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