Wendy Dewar Hughes on fanning the flames of your creative sparks

When Wendy talks about the creative process you can be sure she’s speaking from the heart – and first-hand experience. As a painter, a sketcher (with two published colouring books), a book cover designer, and a multi-published fiction and non-fiction author, AND a creative entrepreneur and coach, helping people make their creative wishes and dreams come true is her specialty.


Wendy mentioned several of her projects. Here are links to all of them!

Wendy Dewar Hughes: Wendy-the-author’s website

Summer Bay Press: a company devoted to providing the tools and resources to help people achieve professional polish in written communications, book writing and publishing.

Just Imagine School: If you are in a creative field of any kind and are ready to grow your art, craft, writing, or business, Just Imagine School has classes, courses and programs to assist you to succeed, no matter what your genre, calling, or metier.

Write That Book Now: A step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system to help you get the most bang for your bucks. The program walks you through what you need to do before you begin writing, then it takes you by the hand and leads you through everything you need to think about while writing your book.

Summer Bay Studio: Create the perfect cover for your book. Summer Bay Studios specializes in beautiful covers for fiction and non-fiction books.

The Wish Plan: A 10-module, self-directed course to turn your wishes into plans and your plans into accomplishments.

The Creative Caravan Club: Hard to explain in a sentence… It’s online courses, writing tips, recipes, shopping, belly dancing… just check it out!

Jill Moss Adventures: Jill Moss is a fictional character and the alter-ego of her creator… you guessed it, author Wendy Dewar Hughes!

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