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I started writing my first manuscript in 2006, the year I turned forty. I was committed to getting that book written… for about six months. And then, in the third draft, the work got hard and I downgraded the way I spoke about my dream and my goal of writing a book, to ‘my side project.’

If writing a book has been a goal of yours for awhile, take the time to step back and do the exercises in the Rev Up Your Commitment Workbook even if you think you’ve ‘been there, done that.’ If you’re still struggling to achieve your goal, something is standing in your way and finding that block could mean the difference between having your name on a cover by the end of the year or perhaps never at all.

Access the members’ only Rev Up Your Commitment course materials here.


Rev up your writing confidence with our AttaGirl! playsheets

On the journey to finishing your book, you are going to have uncountable successes — and every single one of those accomplishments is worth making note of. And, of being celebrated.

That’s what “AttaGirl!” is all about: making sure you don’t overlook or forget a single success, big or small, that is moving you toward accomplishing your dream of becoming an author.

Download your AttaGirl! playsheets here.


Write Woman Write Revved Up Authors Q+A

Some of the authors of our weekly “Postcards from the writer’s journey” have so much they want to share with writers who are a few steps behind them that they offer to have video conversations with Write, Woman, Write.

During these video calls they to go into more detail about how they rev up their creativity, their confidence, their courage to share… many of the ways they rev up their writing. Members not only get the videos but transcripts and resource lists, as well.

We’re sharing a few of our favourite conversations with you! They’ll change from-time-to-time to watch your email to find out when we upload a new one for ladies on the Revved Up Writers Club waitlist.

Meet some of our Revved Up Authors here.

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