This week you’re writing a short (maximum 50-words), 3rd person bio to include in your Write, Woman, Write profile. Of course, you can use this bio anywhere you’d like — I am not the boss of you!


  • one personal fact about yourself that is connected to what you write about or your genre,
  • one writing accomplishment, and
  • a line about where people can find your writing.

For instance, I could write:

Although the men in her stories might raise an eyebrow, Donna Barker is a happily married, career technical writer who spends her evenings concocting horrific ways for her heroines to get out of lousy relationships. Get a glimpse inside her worlds — both real and imagined — at (47 words)


It took Donna Barker six months to write her second novel and two years to pluck up the courage to share it — and only because she was about to turn 50. Three weeks later, she figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. Find out at (50 words)

Over to you! Share your bios below so we can get to know each other just a little better.

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