How long have you had a dream to write a book? I’m guessing more than a few months. If you’re like me, and many of the women in the writers’ groups I belong to, this dream has been on your bucket list for years.

So, what’s been holding you back?

  • You want to achieve that goal.
  • You know how to write.
  • Even if you don’t know whether or not you can write a bestseller, you know that you have a story that needs to be told.
  • And in your heart, you also know that you have the tools to tell it.

What's kept you from getting your book written?

Why haven't you put your bum in your chair and fingers to keyboard after so much time thinking about that story that’s in your heart and needs to be in the world?

You probably tell yourself that you don’t have time. But you know that’s not the case.

The vast majority—like 99% of writers who have books on Amazon—are writing in the edges of their lives, not as their job. So, if six million other people (of which we can guesstimate, three million women) can find the time, so can you.

You may be telling yourself that you don’t know how to tell your story.

But the funny thing is that you’ve lived that story in your head so many times that you really do know how to tell it. You may not know how to write it because — this is the hard part to accept — you haven’t taken the time to drive around in the wilderness and get lost with it.

If this is your first book, your first adventure into writing, then you can count on wandering. It won’t be a straight-line trip from brain to

And I know that lots and lots and lots of people sell programs that will tell you the opposite, say you can write a book in a week or a month. I won’t say they are lying, since it can be a straight line, but if you’re not experienced, odds are you will get lost.

Unfortunately, once lost, many could-be — should-be! — authors lose confidence and give up.

So, we’re not going to be like those people who give up! We are going to Write, Woman, Write! Right?

You will write even when you feel like you’re writing in the wrong direction. Because any direction is moving you closer to your goal.

When you’re on a road trip, headed from Dallas to San Diego and you miss an exit and find yourself heading due North for awhile… do you stop right there, quit and put down roots in Albuquerque (nice as Albuqueque is)? No, you do not! Do you throw your hands in the air and say, “Well, I screwed up and now I’m lost. Might as well go home. Obviously, I’m not cut out for road trips.” Of course you don’t!

But that is exactly what so many writers at the beginning of their journey do. Why is that?

Why do we believe that we have to get it right with the first draft?

Because as readers, which is what we have been for decades, all we see are the perfect final versions of other people’s passion and writing. We see something that flows so easily it intimidates us. “Oh, I could never write that beautifully,” we think.

And maybe that’s true. But, you’ll never know until you do what every single author who’s written a book you love has done. You write. And you edit. And you write more. Maybe 100,000 words that never see the light of day. 100,000 words that help you figure out where your writing adventure really wants to take you, or you it.

We are intimidated since we don’t see all the false starts and the revisions and the (sometimes brutal) comments from editors and beta readers that tell those authors that they got it wrong here, that they weren’t clear there, that another part of the story was four-hours-of-Prairie-driving dull. (Apologies to my Prairie dwelling sisters; I'm a mountain gal).

Why I created the Write, Woman, Write community

After pushing past all of the roadblocks that every writer faces while working on her first (and often second and third) book, I decided that it was important to me to help other women get their first story into the world; to take that road trip with their story so that they can feel the joy, the pride, and the accomplishment of finally, finally being able to say, "I wrote my story! I AM AN AUTHOR!"

So, if you want to get your story out of your heart and into readers’ hands — regardless of whether that story is a novel, a memoir, a how-to, a series of short stories, a series of blog posts — taking this trip with other writers like you could be just what you need. You'll have a co-driver (the Write, Woman, Write community and myself) who will be here pointing at the map and giving you directions, telling you to speed up when you're driving too slow, helping you find fuelling stations when your creativity flags and rest stops to recharge your motivation (and if you're anything like me, pee!).

If you're willing to be in that seat, this is the community that can help you reach your story-telling, book-writing, blog-posting destination.

I hope you'll rev up your writing with us!



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