You want to write a book. I want to help you.

Join me for this Free, Live Master Class 

for women who have a book they have to write!

Here are the details for this Master Class

  • When is it? October 25, 4PM New York, 1PM Los Angeles, 9PM London, 7AM Sydney
  • Where is it? Join in from your computer
  • Who's presenting? Donna Barker, Author and Confidence Coach for Writers
  • Why should I be there? To get that book you've been thinking about, and talking about, written.
  • What will it cover? Confidence, commitment and courage-building tips. Full details below.

This training begins in...


Proven strategies from an award-winning author

"You know you've got it in you to get this book written.  

It's just that every now and then a little voice (sometimes a loud, little voice) whispers confidence-destroying words in your ear.  

That voice may have your best interest at heart, but her timing is off; this is not the time to listen to her.  

Right now, it's time to give yourself the tools and snappy comebacks to let that voice know that you've got this book-writing thing under control."

Donna Barker - Confidence Coach at Write, Woman, Write and with The Creative Academy

During this Free Live Training, you'll learn:

  • Three fears that every writer faces — even multi-published authors.
  • Three affirmations that will convince you of the need to get your book done!
  • A sure-fire way to quiet your inner critic for good! 
  • The easiest way to tame your procrastination puppy.
  • How to overcome the fear of calling yourself "an author."
  • How to build your author support community, starting today!
  • An almost stressless way to find out how your story is resonating with readers — before you publish it.
  • About an author who went from terrified to share one chapter with an editor to selling over 300 copies — before her book was even finished!

Which together will show you how to get that book out of your heart and into your hands!

Why you should trust what I have to say

  • I've been making my living as a technical, ghost-writer for 25 years
  • Even though I'm paid to write, I struggled for years with my own confidence, when it came to my creative, from-the-heart writing
  • Since self-publishing my own, award-winning novel, I've been successfully coaching other writers to push past their fears to get their books written
  • I'll share some of the strategies that helped me and that I use in my one-to-one coaching in this FREE Master Class

WARNING: Space is limited to 100 participants and these FREE, LIVE trainings always fill up because the information shared is as good as what others charge you hundreds of dollars for.

Save your seat before they all fill up!

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