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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

This quote by Helen Keller essentially sums up life in the creative lane, which is not the same as life in the fast lane. Life in the creative lane is about stepping out of the normal lane of everyday life and making creative changes by doing things you would not ordinarily think of doing—or that present a creative challenge for you.

Depending on where you live or the life you have already lived, the word “adventure” will roll out different images in your mind.

For some, adventure is an Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean type of life—cheating death while seeking a treasure and buckling one’s swash. For others, it could be deciding to wear blue nail polish, or taking a different route to work.

Try taking a quick inventory of your life, a snapshot of where you were last year and where you are today. Any changes?

Most of us tend to stay in our comfort zones. We hang out with the same people. We shop at the same stores, do the same things for entertainment, watch the same TV programs, and eat the same foods as always.

So, why change?

Why should you come out of your comfort zone and stretch a little? Because it is good for you and for those around you. And it helps you think more creatively.

If you were to start exercising after a long sabbatical you are likely to experience aches and pains at first. Before long though, after a regular regimen of healthy movement, your threshold becomes greater and your body becomes fit and healthy.

The same can be said when you stretch out of your daily mundane habits. You become capable of more creative ideas, and your confidence and courage grow. You might find yourself developing goals and dreaming dreams that you never before thought possible. When you begin to let yourself go and think more creatively, the lifestyle you’ve always wanted may suddenly seem within reach.

Now, things won’t always go as planned. No surprise there. But face it; we’re adults. You can handle a setback and still get on your feet again, wiser and more creative.

So, how can you turn your life into a daring creative adventure?

First, leave the Indian Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff to the moviemakers—unless that’s your idea of fun, then off you go!

But for now, let’s concentrate daily life. Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you can, leave the car at home and walk to where you want to go or ride a bicycle.
  2. How about trying a new meal every time you go to a restaurant?
  3. Say hello to that new person at work.
  4. Start a conversation instead of waiting to join in. Think of a list of topics you could use to start that conversation.
  5. Buy the bright-colored, stand-out-from-the-crowd shirt or scarf, instead of the low-key, blend-in type that says, “Don’t notice me”.
  6. Get up twenty minutes early and read a book, get some writing in, or write in your journal.
  7. Go see a movie you wouldn’t ordinarily choose.
  8. Get involved in a sport or a new hobby.
  9. Join Toastmasters and learn to speak in public.
  10. Learn to belly dance. (It is the one place in life where it is good to have a belly!)
  11. Do something you fear, especially if others believe in you and are already encouraging you. If they aren’t, do it anyway.
  12. Learn karate or tai chi.
  13. Fly in a small airplane if you never have before. Or sky-dive out of one.
  14. Go to a park and fly a kite.
  15. Paint a picture. Draw badly on purpose.
  16. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Make a plan.
  17. Meet one new person a week—that’s fifty-two new connections in a year. You’re bound to become friends with at least a few of them.
  18. Go to church. It might surprise you how interesting it is.

Take a look at your week and decide where you can be more creative and adventurous. Over time, creative adventures will become a way of life. Maybe you’ll even become a creative new you.

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