This prompt was inspired by a blog post written by Susan Wingate several weeks ago called Lexiconimography. In that post she shares a short list of a few unusual words she’s saved from the daily emails she gets from I clicked over to see what the word of the day was and found myself wondering how one of my characters might use the word ‘nodus.’ Then I wondered how I could use the word ‘limacine’ in a conversation with my husband without being rude!


  • Visit and take a look at the most recent ‘Word of the Day’ entries.
  • Pick one word that one of your characters might use — or would never use! — and add it to a line of their dialogue.
  • How does the other character react to the use of this unusual word? See where the conversation goes now!

Post your new line of dialogue in the comments below and in the Facebook group to get your well-deserved “AttaGirl!

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